I wasn't sure this story would get written just because it's not very fun. This is actually a sad story but I talked about it on-air and figured some of you have gone through something similar.

My wife was out of town this week and I walked into a bloodbath after work that scared the crap out of me. Our weenie dog decided to chew his way out of the kennel prior to me getting home. Needless to say, the kennel won the battle, 6 teeth later and a lot of blood loss.

I'm not sure If I want to post this photo because I think we can all agree that people overshare in 2019. This should give you at least some indication of what I saw after the show when opening the door.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

My wife left to visit her family a few hours away and put Ace (our 11-year-old weenie dog) in the kennel before she left. She wasn't sure how long I would be and didn't want to take a chance at Ace peeing all over the place.

Sidenote: My wife cooked us dinner on one of the first dates and that little guy looked at me one night, crouched in poop style, and dropped it like it was hot 💩#truth

I feel like Ace loves to taunt my wife when she locks him up. This is almost like a powerplay with this dog. First, Ace is the sweetest dog, has never bitten anyone and super sweet. All that stuff said Ace is a hunter. If this dog is barking next to your car, a rock, or woodpile it means he found something. Ace is right 100% of the time.

That brings me to this week when I came home to a bloody mess. Ace had tried to chew his way out of the kennel. This dog went to the bathroom, chewed out about 6 teeth, and bounced the kennel into our entryway. This guy was determined.

I rushed Ace to the Vet and he was fine. They prescribed him some pain meds, antibiotics and that was is. Well, they would have done surgery to look more into that pearly whites but at a sweet $1500 cost. I ended up taking him to meet up with family and use their Vet. They pulled additional teeth and sent him on his way. This dog is a beast for his size and much stronger than I am.

I've learned that separation anxiety is a real thing in animals. If you think your pet goes overboard when locked up in your kennel or a bathroom, make a phone call to your Vet. There are several ways to calm your pet while going to work or class.

I feel like our guy is also acting out because we've added two new members to the family. It's been hard spreading that attention and I'm sure Ace has felt it. If this is something you're currently going through I would suggest finding a Veterinary clinic and gets some options for your furry friend. If you have a great tip for the listeners and what has worked best for you please show me a message on Instagram.

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