Our sister station, WOW Country 104.3, makes a huge impact every single year during their huge effort with St. Jude Children's Hospital Radiothon.  I had no idea what this event that takes the country by storm each year was, until I moved back to Boise to work here with 103.5 KISS FM. During my first year in Boise, I knew it was just "the big thing" that WOW does. As the years have passed, I've learned of the depth of this event, WHY it's such a big deal in our building every year, and how passionate the WOW crew is about this.

This year, I got a whole new take on the radiothon as all of us at 103.5 KISS FM were a part of it! This is the first year ever that we've joined forces and the results really showed.  WOW had an ambitious goal of raising $125,000 for the children's research hospital.  That goal was exceeded by just over $2,000!  Amazing.

Being on the air and talking about the work of St. Jude was an emotional experience for us all--especially me, having never experienced this before.  I don't have kids and to be honest until I do I just don't know what loving for a little human that much feels like. But knowing that families are able to get medical care FREE OF COST from St. Jude is unbelievable.  Even more astounding is the amount of love YOU in the Treasure Valley showed by donating and helping with out efforts for this amazing cause.

I look forward to being a part of this again next year and THANK YOU for your support!

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