From time to time I find a place that I enjoy so much I want to keep it all to myself. It's great when the place is remote and not a public open for business spot but even then I struggle with sharing little gems.

Mateo had heard of this rooftop spot that was only open for breakfast and lunch and since I love views I suggested we explore this so called rooftop spot. Zee's Roof top Cafe blew me away. From Tablerock to the Capital to the Boise skyline the views are to die for. As if that wasn't enough the food was delicious, Chef / Owner Chef Z and Christina who run the place are some of the nicest people I've met in a long time. Views, Delicious food and great service what more could you ask for? Try it today you will love it. Zee's rooftop is located in the C.W. Moore Plaza - 250 South 5th Street - 9th floor Downtown Boise. BTW Zee's doubles as an open concept event space at night and on weekends. Can you say ultimate Boise wedding venue?

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