We all know life is short, but most of us still waste time daily doing things that don't add anything to our lives. I recently heard a friend say... Life is short, fill it with good stuff (he didn't necessarily mean physical stuff). It was exactly what I needed to put me over the top, you see I was thinking about buying my dream car but kept questioning whether or not to pull the trigger. Friday I took a flight to Denver where I met my brother and then together we flew to Oklahoma City to pick up my new ride. Saturday we started the drive back to Idaho and drove through 5 states in one day. Sunday we made it back to Boise and it was an experience I will never forget. If I had to summarize the weekend and the life lessons associated with it, It would look like this:

Life Is short, do more things that make you happy.

Spend more time with people you love.

We only regret the chances we didn't take.

Happiness starts with gratitude.

1500 miles in 20 hours -  That was my very fulfilling weekend. I hope yours was great.

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