It seems to be that everyone who moves to Boise or who lives in Boise doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. There’s nothing better than being in a city and knowing that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Boise has a certain way about it that makes you feel like there isn’t a better place to live in the entire country. 

Recently Boise has been growing like no other and everyone is starting to meet people from all over that either want to go to Boise or have been here before. Not only is the city growing with mass popularity but the college too. People from all over the country have been coming to attend Boise State University. While a lot of Idahoans stay local and choose to attend the University it’s also cool to see it’s growing popularity throughout the whole country. 

Boise Shoutout In New York City

What is going on here?

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

This is why we’re not shocked to see that one particular Boise Bronco decided to let all of New York City know where one of the best places in the country is. While we don’t know who did it, it's cool to see that someone who lives in the Big Apple loves Boise even though they are living in a new city. 

Now people walking through New York City thinking they are in the best place in the whole world get to see that Boise is still representing and it truly is one of the most loved places in the country. 

While we don’t know why they put it on a garbage bin at least Boise Broncos are being represented in the biggest city on the east coast!

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