Over the past decade, the landscape of Downtown Boise nightlife has changed a handful of times but the physical spaces that we raised a cold one in? Those haven't really changed much. 

Mack & Charlie's and Sammy's became Silly Birch and Whiskey Bar. Mainstreet Bistro grew up and became Amsterdam Lounge. Catacomb briefly became VooDoo Lounge before finding success as Space Bar. China Blue got a new roof, a fresh coat of paint and reopened as Strange Love in 2019. Shortly after, Fatty's went through an expansion and rebrand and welcomed guests as Karma. The concepts have changed, but in when it comes to nightclubs in the core of Downtown Boise, there really hasn't been anything new built in years.

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That's why the banners that recently appeared in the window of the vacant space next to the lobby of Boise Centre East in the Grove Plaza are so intriguing. We've been waiting to appear there since mid-February when a project listed as "Seven's Nightclub" filed building permits with the City of Boise. Over the last month, we've spent countless hours trying to find some sort of social media presence for the new night club but couldn't find anything by that name. That was until we noticed the windows of the vacant space looked like this before the Idaho Steelheads games this weekend.

Michelle Heart. Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart. Townsquare Media

Searching for "Lucky 7's Night Club" lead us to not just a social media presence, but a website as well. The website, luckysevensboise.com, is simply a black background with red text and a countdown clock slated to end on June 30, 2022. With the exception of an organization name "NYC&ID" and a mailing address of "Idaho, United States," information about who registered the domain has been redacted for privacy.

The mysterious nightclub also has an Instagram account that launched two weeks before the permits were filed. The pictures lead you to believe that this nightclub will be more upscale and less dive-bar. The posts all use a series of hashtags that read:

"#Lucky7 #Lucky7NightClub #Club #NightClub #Dance #Party #Drinks #Bar #Boise #Social #BoiseNightClub #BoiseClub #BoiseBar #GoOutLocal #OnlyInIdaho #ThatIdahoLife #Idaho #Idahome"

Nightclub Space Rises from the Ashes

The future nightclub is a phoenix of sorts. Previously known as "Retail D," news broke in Spring 2018 that this space was the planned site of a Rascal Flatts Restaurant.  It was supposed to be similar to a location in Stamford, CT (which ended up closing by July 2018.)

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Obviously, that restaurant never came to fruition in Boise. Apparently the planned Rascal Flatts themed restaurants in Boise and other cities can link back to former New York City mobster, Frank Capri, who was recently sentenced to five years in federal prison on fraud charges for stealing construction costs of several restaurant projects.

According to the Idaho Statesman, local developer Gardner Co. lost $70,000 because of the Rascal Flatts project and reveals that Capri was also involved in the failed Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill" at the Village at Meridian. It's a pretty twisted web and you can read exactly how Capri was exposed and the charges he was convicted on in the Stateman's coverage. 

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