It's just simple science, right? That's not what many cultures believed all the way from 585 BC. If a baby is born today, it could turn into an animal is truly what some people believe to be the truth.

1. The Gods are Angry - Ancient belief was that the gods didn't approve of a war being fought in 585 BC. The war ended after the total solar eclipse for fear of upsetting the gods.

2. Terrible Things Will Happen - People once believed a number of towns were struck by lightning because of an eclipse. Their belief is that it also caused the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London.

3. The Sun and Moon are Fighting - Literally, this is it. I don't know if it's over someone they both like or the weather or the tides or what. They're just fighting and that's the end of the explanation.

4. Women and Small Children Beware - Many cultures believe women and children should stay indoors during an eclipse. They won't say what they think will happen to the women and children but beware. I guess.

5. Babies Born as Mice - With a straight face, some cultures say babies born during an eclipse (for us, it would be between 10:10 a.m. and 12:50 p.m.) will turn into a mouse.

6. Don't Eat - In India, some fast during an eclipse because it's believed that any food cooked during an eclipse is impure, or worse, poisonous.

7. Plant It - If you plant something during the eclipse, Italians say your flowers will be more colorful when it's time to bloom.

8. Settle Your Differences - The belief is that the sun and the moon are fighting which is what causes the eclipse so in order to get the sun back, people on Earth are advised to settle their differences in order to make peace.

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