When it comes to shopping for groceries and household goods in the Treasure Valley, where do you go? Target? Walmart? Perhaps the best place to offer options for both is one of our many Costco locations! If you have a large family (and love a good deal on gas for your car) Costco might be one of your favorite places!

A recent "buzz" on a local Facebook group here in the Treasure Valley was ALL ABOUT Costco and a new menu that is now very present and apparently, very popular at their food court! Could this new item eclipse the world-famous hot dog deal?

Here's a glimpse at 'all of the Costco rage' these days!

Boise Internet Swoons Over Costco Menu Addition

It's the little things in life that can often make us the happiest! Let's talk about this new Costco menu item that everyone is raving about!

What do you think of the sandwich? We're still thinking about that sushi idea...not for us! 

If you haven't had a chance to go into a local Costco and try their next big menu item, there's no time like the present! Still relatively new to their food court, it should be around but you never know. Many Costco shoppers still mourn the loss of the Chicken Pesto or the Carne Asada.

Are you a Costco 'OG'? Maybe that hot dog deal is all that you need to make you happy! We're here for that, too! Back in the day, anyone could visit the Costco food court--member or not. Now, membership is required for access.

For more on Costco and to find a location near you, CLICK HERE.

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