It's a list of guidelines and recommendations that even I am having a hard time understanding. The City of Nampa, by the leadership of Mayor Debbie Kling, is talking about re-opening ahead of Governor Brad Little's four-phase statewide plan.

Can they do this? Will it be enforced? The answers seem complicated.

Just shy of two weeks ago, the City of Nampa held a City Council meeting to discuss the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Little.  While not all members of the council supported the extension of the order...they still voted to extend the city's state of emergency status. The state of emergency kicks in extra funds to offset some of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

While in this state of emergency, the City of Nampa is saying yes--follow the guidelines--but by the way, we're not going to enforce them.

I traveled into Nampa last week to drop some things off at my mothers front door and the difference between Canyon and Ada counties during this has been night and day. Roads and stores in Nampa appeared to be business as usual while Boise's streets were empty. Perhaps the root of this is from the grey area that Nampa seems to be in.

Mayor Debbie Kling encourages residents and business owners to follow the stay-at-home guidelines and state-issued re-opening plan...BUT says there will be minimal enforcement. Mayor Kling says that is businesses open early, there isn't going to be a citation. She also says even if they aren't following CDC or state-issued guidelines...there's a possibility of a citation.

Follow the rules...that we won't be enforcing? I'm just as confused as you are, Nampa.

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