It was 2005 and I was in 5th grade--an 8-year-old and her little brother were missing and the story was making national headlines. It was a crazy concept at the time for me, wondering what could have happened. If you were living in Boise or even in the Pacific Northwest in 2005, you know exactly what case this is. Joseph Duncan, who has since been found, arrested, and sentenced for his crimes, killed both parents of Shasta and Dylan Groene. After the murder, he kidnapped the children and was on the run for weeks.  Shasta's survival story has, to this day, been nationally recognized.

Today, Nampa Police have announced on twitter that Shasta Groene and her two children are missing. According to authorities, they were last seen yesterday, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. at Nampa's Walmart on 12th Avenue South. They believe she may have been in Caldwell overnight. Police are labeling this as a missing and endangered mother/children situation.


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