If you're not a dog person or have never had a dog you might not understand. However if you've had the distinct pleasure of being loved unconditionally by a fury friend then you know that the term "mans best friend" is about as accurate as can be. Pups become part of the family to the point where some of them live better lives than the owners. As a former pet owner myself I can recall several times when my boxer Harley was living better than I was. He had the highest quality food, healthcare and constant love, on the other hand I was eating fast food and was in a toxic relationship. It's funny looking back at it but my point is that since we give our beloved dogs so much, taking them to a festival seems like something very normal. When I say festival I'm not talking about Lollapalooza or Coachella, I'm talking about Nampa's largest Dog Festival.

Nampa Parks & Recreation's 13th annual Pooch Party Stroll & Splash is back and will be taking place at Lakeview Park on August 28. If you're interested in the stroll part of the event, registration begins at 9:00 AM and the actual walk starts at 10:00 AM.

The festival includes a ton of events including a costume contest, Look-a-Like, Super Dog Tricks, & Canine Cake Walks. Here are a few important things to note according to a ktvb report :

"Early registration, now through August 24, is just $25 and includes an adult t-shirt, doggie gift, and walk/swim admission for one dog. The fee is $10 for each additional dog. Register early—fee increases to $30 after August 24. All proceeds from this event support Dog Parks in Nampa."

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