I do not consider myself a wine connoisseur but Interestingly enough I started drinking wine at the young age of 3. Yes, I was three years old when my great grandfather who was a pretty decent wine maker decided that my zippy cup was a good place to store some his freshly poured grape juice. Since then I've enjoyed a weekend in Napa and Sonoma California touring different wineries. There was also a very memorable weekend when 8 of my friends and I hired a designated driver to take us to the Sunnyslope Wine Trail in Caldwell. None of the aforementioned makes me an expert but I do have a few favorite bottles that I like to pop open from time to time and since its National drink wine day I figured I would share them with you.

1. St. Chappelle Soft Red - This is a red wine that looks like a grown folks drink but its actually sweet and delish, perfect for the person just getting into red wines.

2. Koenig Snake River Valley  Riesling Ice Wine - I've tasted plenty of Ice Wines but this is definitely my favorite and it's local.

3. Cherry Pie (Stanly Ranch) -  This is my favorite wine to enjoy with a juicy steak. Check out the official description. The 2015 Cherry Pie Pinot Noir jumps from the glass with aromas of raspberry, nutmeg, sandalwood and light smokiness, lifted by a floral note. Silky and delicate up front, with ripe acidity framing the rich, sweet flavors of red berries, and finishing with red cherry and earth. This is my favorite wine to enjoy with a juicy steak.

Now that I've shared my favorites here is a list of Idaho wineries from gotastewine.com

Idaho Wineries

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