If we really wanted to get cliche, we would take a second to insert a witty phrase about how Boise is growing...right...here.

We get it. You get it. The secret is out: Boise is growing and by growing we mean totally blowing up. Name another city our size that is getting an In-N-Out AND a Top Golf all in the same year? We'll wait.

The housing market has totally exploded and now we're seeing the inevitable "slow down" but even if people aren't moving here as quickly--that doesn't mean that the spotlight has come off of Boise or that people aren't still visiting, wondering what all of the hype is about.

In fact, lots of people are visiting Boise. So much so that a major, national publication has listed Boise as one of the MUST-VISIT places for travelers, on the entire globe, in 2023.


Lonely Planet, a large national travel platform, listed out SIX places on the entire globe that are ideal to "Connect"...Boise is one of them:

Lonely Planet Names These Six Places as "Must See" in 2023

When it comes to world traveling, there are many amazing and historical places on the globe for travelers to visit. We did not think that Boise, Idaho would be one of those places.

Lonely Planet says oh yes, we are.

Did any of these destinations surprise you? 

Other categories included: Eat, Journey, Unwind, and Learn. In total, these categories made up 30 places on the entire planet that must be visited in 2023.

Buckle up for some visitors, Boise.

In a group of places that includes the likes of Jamaica, Malta, Lima (Peru) and more--we're honored to see Boise make the list, however.

Check out the list for yourself HERE.

Even though the secret is out on visiting out beloved and ever growing Boise, there are still some aspects that "locals" will never be able to get enough of: 

12 Things That Make Boise Residents Feel Like Tourists in Their Own Town

It doesn't matter how long you've lived in Boise. The novelty of these twelve things never wears off. You feel like a tourist every time you experience them!

15 Glorious Gifts Tourists Should Receive When They Fly into Idaho

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