Is 2022 the year you quit that trash job and jump into something you've always wanted to try? Want the opportunity to help and give back to your community? Or, just looking for a bump in your paycheck? Well, good.

Idaho State Police is currently looking to hire 25 new state troopers throughout the state, and they're looking to fill those positions by the end of February.

Bill Gardiner, Deputy Director Lt. Colonel for ISP, explained that this opportunity only presents itself once or twice a year, and while it takes several months to train a new trooper, no prior experience is required.

Why the rush to get new men and women on the street? Gardiner explains:

You do have a lot of people retiring right now, there were a lot of people who retired during the pandemic, so that was a lot of the reasoning and there are a handful of people moving to other agencies.

The next obvious question is, " does it pay?" Luckily, Gardiner has been pretty open about that as well:

As far as pay and those kind of things, it's kind of a step program. So, we start people off between $25 and $26 an hour based on your experience, but as you move throughout your career, those numbers increase. The more training you get, if you bring a college degree with you, we pay more for that, if you're a Spanish speaker, we pay more for that, so, there are different things that can influence your pay as you move up.

If you're serious about pursuing a career in law enforcement, you can apply for the Idaho State Trooper positions here.

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