So this app that helps you park in downtown Boise is nothing SUPER new--but it's new to me and I seriously wanted to tell you how badly you need it.

I am notorious for getting parking tickets. I never have change on me and if the meter doesn't have a credit card option, more times than not I'll take that free 20 minutes and walk away hoping for the best. Needless to say, that's done me a little dirty from time to time.

I recently downloaded the app that you can find on all of downtown Boise's parking meters, it's called Park Mobile.  I've been really surprised at how many of my friends either DON'T know about it or just haven't downloaded it yet. This things is a game changer and I haven't worried about a parking ticket since I got it on my iPhone.

Here's how it works. All you need to do is get the app and when you set up your account (name and email address) you will need to enter a debit or credit card number. Just like that-- you're ready to go.

When you park downtown, each meter has a Zone number. Open up your app and select the zone. Location services on your phone typically already have it selected. You'll enter your vehicle's license plate (this can be saved too) and select the duration of park time you need. Then, you're set to go.

The app alerts you to when time is almost up and you can renew time right from your phone too. It's great to be able to park and just walk away, worry-free, and I'll take care of my payment as I walk to where I'm going. No digging for change in the car.

To check out the Park Mobile app for yourself, click HERE.

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