I have driven highway 55 no less that 100 times in the last five years and the drive never gets old. I love cruising through the valley along the river and then after you get past Banks the high canyon walls are always so impressive. The whitewater is always fascinating and the plains once you get past Cascade always seem so tranquil. Most of the time on the way back I like to stop in Horseshoe Bend to grab a snack. This little roadside town seems so interesting and it just got better. A new mural just popped up and apparently it's getting a lot of attention from people traveling through the small town. Angel wings have been painted on the White Horse Mercantile and they've even added a pedestal. I've seen murals like this in Nashville and other cities but now we have one to call our own. The Mercantile is right off of highway 55. If you've always wanted to get see how angelic you look in wings take the short drive to Horseshoe Bend.

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