Idahoans could be tested shortly as a bill has been unanimously passed to be introduced for votes on banning cell phone use that includes wearing headphones.

What's this mean? Republican Senator Jim Rice in Caldwell proposed a bill that would limit the use of cell phone use and wearing headphones while operating a motor vehicle. This means the only way you could use your cell phone is for GPS and hands-free purposes.

Shouldn't we all be doing that anyway? Easier said than done when you have to change that song or hit reply. I'm so on the fence because I totally understand how dangerous it is based upon experience but it's just the habit you need to break. I don't know how many times I've yelled out loud in my Jeep, "Put your phone away already!" That's only because they keep swerving or driving slow because they need to send that message.

Most of us are guilty of distracted driving but add the headphones and this might frustrate some people. I'm actually not sure how I feel about it but if police say that it's causing accidents then I'm on board. I don't like being controlled like that but it's obvious we can't follow directions without putting people lives in danger.

Do you remember the story about Taylor Sauer who's last message to her family was,

I can't discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha.

She was killed moments later on the way to Caldwell to see family. She was going about 80 mph and slammed into a tanker trucker. Such a sad story and it can happen right now to any one of us. Think of the defensive driving you would lack if sending a message?

Imagine driving with your family and looking down to text while someone was swerving into your lane. You look up and it's too late. We all need to take care of each other on the roads and that's why it's hard to get mad that this might be a law very soon.

Someone sent this story to me from the Idaho Press and found another at KTVB if you're looking for more information.


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