"You can't take it with you."

That's what they say. When you're dead, whatever money you left over, you can't spend it. So, might as well blow it all. Right? Well, it looks like that's what Boise expects you to do.

Porsche Boise announced they're designing a new dealership to be placed in the Boise Auto Mall.

We love sports cars. Driving fast (when it's safe) is awesome, and there's simply nothing else that matches that feeling. If you can afford it.

If you search "Boise" on any corner of the internet, you're sure to hear about Boise's rising home and rent prices, actually forcing some folks to relocate to a more affordable place to live.

We have to ask, if people in the Treasure Valley are struggling to pay rent and bills, who's buying brand new sports cars in 2023? More importantly, would they be willing to take us on a ride? We're broke.

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