Are you one of the many Idahoans that moved here from somewhere else in the country.  Which restaurant do you wish you would've made the move with you?

I'm originally from Northeast Ohio and I so miss Dunkin' Donuts.  There was one less than a mile away from my first job and I also had to pass it on my way from my hometown to college.  It had a siren song that dragged me in to order an iced coffee and bagel almost every day.  If I ever hit the lottery, I want to open the first franchise in Idaho somewhere in Southeast Boise. (Preferably in the plaza behind my apartment.  Wouldn't that be convenient?)

Steven Smith is originally from Wisconsin and his choice? Culver's.  It's a burger and frozen custard restaurant based in Wisconsin. Unlike me, Smith isn't just talking about bringing Culver's to the Treasure Valley, he's being about it.  According to the Idaho Statesman, the Twin Falls resident is breaking ground on a Culver's franchise on E. Tecate Lane in Meridian.

The restaurant is best known for a burger called the "ButterBurger" which is a patty of Midwest-beef on a buttered, toasted bun.  It's usually paired with frozen custard.  If you're not a burger person the menu's got fish and chips, fried chicken, prime rib sandwich and more on it.

They hope to have it open for business by early June.  If you can't wait that long to try a ButterBurger, there is a Culver's location in Twin Falls!

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