Yes, Cancun--the popular Mexico vacation destination. And they've officially scooped up one of Boise's finest to be their CEO--that's, "Cancun Experience Officer". But don't let the revised meaning of "CEO" fool you, he'll definitely be living like one in the coming months.

You may recall seeing us blog about this story some time ago. was searching for someone to fill this dreamy CEO job for all living expenses paid and $10,000 a month...for SIX MONTHS.

As for his job description? They're basically asking him to live his best life. Blog, create videos, conduct social media--all to show off how amazing Cancun is to potential tourists.

Meet Ivan Nanney, the Boise native who has won the competition and will be taking the job.  He beat out over 8,000 applicants and moves to Cancun in March. I think it is fair to say that all of us here in Boise are going to be very, very jealous of this Idahoan.

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