Current situation: living in a 1-bedroom apartment in Southeast Boise paying way more than I wish I was.

Current Dilemma: I could be paying just $100 more for a nicer unit up the street...but $100 more!? The cost of living sucks sometimes.

I love the location of my apartment and honestly, that's what keeps me where I'm at. I am a quick drive to work and near-stumbling distance from downtown.  Perhaps some new condos seeking approval in downtown Boise should be on my radar now.

A Boise developer has submitted work to the City of Boise for some brand new condos on the corner of 8th and Fort.  You may be familiar with the space that WAS Baird's Dy Cleaners, right near the Boise Co-Op and kitty corner to St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Cathedral.  The developer, David Southers hopes to have this completed by the end of next year, if everything goes according to plan.

The condos are planned to be around 800 square foot, single bedroom units and some two-bedrooms as well with of course, higher square footage. The target residents are single or coupled professionals looking for downtown living.

For more on the units, including some mock up designs, click HERE.

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