So far, in my humble opinion, the future has been awesome.  Every week there seems to be some sort of new, groundbreaking technology that strives to make our life easier. From personal devices that can remotely turn your house lights on, to apps that remind you when to drink water, every aspect of our life is becoming influenced by some sort of futuristic technology.  And it looks like the pizza industry is following that trend.

A local Treasure Valley Pizzeria is going futuristic with a self-serve mixed use beer and wine wall when it opens on 12th Avenue in Nampa. Flying Pie Pizza will offer 20 taps of beer and 8 taps of whine when it debuts. What's is a self-serve beer and wine wall and how does it work, you may ask? Well, from the video below it looks like costumers will get a special RFID card. Your money  The card is scanned for the beer of choice then you pour your beer. There are special considerations for over consumption.

I think this is a really cool idea. I'm all for cool, new things to try that can make life easier, especially when it comes to beer. Plus, the Nampa location has announced they will be selling pizza by the slice.

Flying Pie has also been busy of late re-vamped it's Broadway store with some new features including:

Gourmet pizza bar with 6 different types of pizza. 


Composed Salad Bar


And a celebrity death wall.




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