Pet owners, animal lovers, and potential pet-parents alike are all excited about the new opening coming to the Treasure Valley in the coming days! For nearly a year now, we have known that the Idaho Humane Society would be opening a second facility. Not only would this facility be MUCH larger (if you've ever been to the current adoption center you know that it is a little crammed) but it would allow for more animals to have a safe place to live and await adoption.

All of this anticipation will soon be coming to an end, as the new location will be open and FULLY functional by Tuesday of this coming week!

The new Idaho Humane Society location is MASSIVE, coming in at over 40,000 square feet, doubling the size of what exists now. It is located off of Overland Road and Bird Street right here in Boise. The work to get this place open is ON, as the entire weekend is going to be spent transporting animals into their new space!

The Idaho Humane Society isn't just there for adoption--they also have a veterinary clinic that is open to the public which will have a new and expanded schedule as well. In fact, THAT portion of the new location will be open by Monday!

Congrats to the Idaho Humane Society on the expansion and we hope everyone will get out to see if there's an animal that YOU could be the forever home, for.

Learn more about the Idaho Humane Society, HERE.

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