There's a new law that just passed the house and is headed to the Senate lowering the conceal carry law in city limits to 18 years old.

Is this REALLY that important right now? I'm not going to debate anyone on guns because at the end of the day we have no control. Politicians and money will always control when and what we carry.

I'm all for rights but it's not like we get more intelligent the younger we don't get. Life experience makes us smarter, wiser and more battle-tested. That's just a fact and while we might trust our kids at 18 with a firearm, what's the rush? You can't buy alcohol or guns until you're 21 and someone thinks it's okay to lower the age to handle a gun? I'll get hate messages on this but do we really need this to pass? I mean they can carry now but you want to let them do it without a permit?

I was an idiot at 18 years old and was reckless as hell driving a vehicle. When I was under 21 I hit 60 mph and jumped some railroad tracks in my mom's brand new car. Yes, I did that and have no idea why other than I was 18. Consequences really didn't hit high on my priority list. Luckily, everyone was okay and the only thing broken was my mom's car. What a mess.

Let's see what happens and if it passes, no surprise really. Just teach those kids because this will allow them to carry WITHOUT a permit. I'm still not sure why anyone is allowed to carry without a license. I learned quite a few things when going through a class that I never knew before that could save my own life. I feel like the permit to carry is more to protect ourselves from the people that don't know how to be responsible.

We'll see what happens as it makes it's way to the Senate floor.

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