Rejoice! New construction is slated to happen again in Boise! This time it's mixed-use apartment complex for families and seniors.

Boise Dev broke the news: Gardner Co. and the Harry W. Morrison Foundation are teaming up for a plan to transform a vacant parking lot on Park Blvd. into a development for families and seniors.The lot on Park Blvd. sits between the Stonehouse bar and the Falcon Building along the Boise River Greenbelt. The Park Place development would feature

  • 7,000 square foot restaurant on the Boise River
  • Seventy senior-living apartments
  • Seventy-six family apartments at market rate
  • First-floor "podium style" parking (garage on the bottom with apartment towers aboveThe four-story building would be built by Gardner on a 3-acre piece of land owned by the Morrison Foundation.
Exciting right? Hey, I'm all for development. It's exhilarating living in a city that is growing at the rate Boise is. But has anybody thought about how this may affect the Greenbelt? I didn't really appreciate the Greenbelt until I moved away. None of the places I lived had anything like it running right through the middle of the city. What's the environmental impact? Will these apartments be an eyesore to those floating down the river? I'm just asking questions. What are your thoughts?

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