If you saw me running on Parkcenter Blvd on Thursday afternoon, you may have actually seen me do a happy dance as I ran past the "Now Open" sign! 

Things in the Southshore Shopping Center near my apartment have changed quite a bit over the past 365 days.  Gordman's closed and Albertsons bought the space for some sort of mystery office and prototype store that's not open to the public.  Albertsons also got busy remodeling their current Parkcenter store and opened a brand new gas station and drive thru.  Zen Bento took over the Cafe Capri unit after getting the boot from State Street because of a road widening project. Most recently, Zeppole vacated the shopping center and moved across the street to be part of the same small plaza as Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt.

The Zeppole spot was taken over by a project I've been super excited about! Boise Juice Co, who has a storefront on State Street, chose Southeast Boise as the location for their second store.  For weeks, I've stared at the "coming soon" sign while pumping my gas at Albertsons wanting to yell "WHEN IS SOON?!" After my run on Thursday, I finally have my answer.  The cold press juice, smoothie and acai bowl specialists quietly opened for business on Saturday while we were at Boise Music Festival!

I love my neighborhood, but there's really no place around here to get a clean, healthy treat so I'm thrilled to have Boise Juice Co right across the street from me! They're open 7 days a week and you can check out their menu HERE! 

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