Yes, you still have to take off your shoes and unpack your laptop before getting on a plane.

If that wasn't fun enough, you may be required to do even more.

ABC News is reporting that the TSA will be adding additional protocol in airport security lines very soon. Word is, you'll be required to separately scan (like you do currently with your laptop) any electronics larger than a cell phone. Also, any food items will have to be scanned separately as well. ABC reports:

There is no specific threat associated with these items that requires them to be screened separately, and the change is not associated with the ban on laptops and other large electronics on flights originating from some Middle East airports; rather, the move is intended to increase efficiency. The TSA has found that everyday items can appear similar to explosives on an X-ray machine — which slows down lines because officers must manually inspect a large number of bags.

Good news is, if you're a pre-check flyer, you can avoid these new rules. Also, the additional security protocol only seems to be coming to airports in major cities. No word yet on if Boise International Airport will be adopting the new rules.

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