A new world record has been set, and it was set right here in Boise, Idaho. Not only was it set here in our own city--but you may recognize the place it was set ON: the infamous blue turf of Albertson's Stadium.

David Rush, a Boise resident, ran from the north end zone to the south end zone, blindfolded...while juggling. The technical record broken was "furthest distance traveled with juggling three objects"

A fun note about David Rush? This marked his 33rd completed Guinness World Record and today was his 33rd birthday. Is there a world record held for Most World Records? He's got to be well on his way.

The world record wasn't set without purpose, either. He set the record with the goal of bringing awareness to STEM education. For those unfamiliar, STEM education is an education based around a curriculum that is intensive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

See the video of the world record being broken, HERE.

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