There's been a lot of Boise State football talk lately and if we are being honest, it hasn't been great. The Broncos dropped their season opener along with a very painful loss on the road at UTEP.

What is a UTEP?

Now, Bronco fans have been more critical than we've seen in the past several years. Really, more than we have seen in the past decade or longer. What's the cause? Well, expectations for this Boise State football program are HIGH and they just aren't meeting that expectation or really anything near it this year.

One could argue that last year was painful too--but with a new coaching regime, the Broncos were given a little more slack. Not this year.

Along with that historic success of Boise State's football program have come many successful players--talented, motivated, and well-known in the NFL. The same could be said about San Diego State's football program too and now, one NFL team has a notable player from each program. Oh, the rivalry is real.

Avery Williams is a well known running back and return specialist from the Boise State program--a four-year starter and now playing at a professional level for the Atlanta Falcons. Also playing in Atlanta is Darren Hall, a cornerback from San Diego State.

The social media folks for the Atlanta Flacons put Avery up against Darren during practice--in a debate! Who's better!? Who is going to win!? Who can talk the best smack!?

"Ask him how many rings he has. Ask him how many championships he's played in", said Williams.

"Y'all saw what we did last time we were on the blue", said Hall.


We love the rivalry and you can watch the entire "debate" below:




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