I was scrolling through Twitter earlier this week and came across an event that you would be crazy to not want to be a part of: A dodgeball tournament.

It's all happening in Nampa and one of my twitter homies is helping out! I've spent the better part of the last two or three years tweeting basketball banter at Elpidia Allen, assistant women's basketball coach at Northwest Nazarene University and I reached out to make sure the event was open to the public. She let me know that not only is it open to anyone who wants to join, but it greatly benefits their basketball program! What's not to love about helping out the team!? I feel like I owe her after all of the Gonzaga propaganda I send her way.

NNU's 2nd Annual Black Light Dodgeball Tournament is taking place next Friday, April 12th at the NNU Sports Complex. I don't see anywhere in the rules that states you can't bring night vision goggles so if you're blind like me...maybe it's your best bet to win. There's a Co-Ed division and a Family Fun Division (ages 10 and up) so certainly everyone is welcome. You can even meet NNU coaches and athletes at the event!

Registration is going on now for your teams of 6 for just $56 a team (until April 8th) and then the price increases.

For more information on the event, click HERE.

To jump right to the registration page, click HERE.

Proceeds from this tournament go towards helping with the Nighthawk's trip to Cuba!

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