Look, okay: Britney Spears is officially a full-fledged Megatron.

She said she loved Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" in her Tumblr Q&A back in July. She said she loved "Me Too" in a Twitter Q&A in August. And now, over two months after first mentioning the song, she's losing her damn Glory-ous mind and wildly trashing her hot bodeh to the sound of the track on Instagram right in front of us.


Tonight (Sept. 18), the "Do You Wanna Come Over?" diva opted to take a break from posting her regularly scheduled inspirational memes, flowers, photos of Einstein, selfies and little girl dance class tutorials to give us a brief moment of unhinged bliss.

"It's been a while since I've cut loose," she captioned the video, in which she casually goes awf with some freestyle, hair-whipping high energy choreo like it's a 2000 VMAs performance or something. (Also, I really don't think we'll be seeing an end to Chokerney anytime in the next few months and/or years — not a complaint, just an observation.)

Incorporate "Me Too" into your next Piece Of Me revamp in Las Vegas if you must, because this is already a show-stopping performance.

To be fair, "Me Too" even won PopCrush's Song of Summer 2016 poll. Maybe Britney was the one voting so damn hard? Probably.

What about that 17 track album that just came out, though? Imagine if it was set to Glory's "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" instead? Don't worry: you don't even have to imagine.

Watch above, and also buy Glory on iTunes.

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