Boise State football doesn't have the sizzle it once did--and yes, me saying that may upset a few people. Even before we were living in the global pandemic, the fan base around Boise State just hasn't been the most enthusiastic.   YES, tailgate parties (while still allowed) were busy and stands were full (kind of, not nearly like years past), Boise State just seems to be a fair weathered team. That includes fair weathered fans. Sorry, everyone.

This season in particular has been a little odd but yes, I'll let you all blame the pandemic for that. Just months ago, we in no way, shape, or form expected there to be football games. The Mountain West Conference announced a season-long cancelation and only vaguely spoke the potential of a spring football season.

Over the weekend, Boise State traveled to Hawaii, going as an exception to the State of Hawaii's travel regulations, and played the warriors with dominance. Everything from a signature trick play that landed the boys in blue in the end zone to a 99-yeard kickoff return was happening. Boise State looked dominant until the end, when Hawaii came within striking distance.

After that win on the Hawaiian Islands, the polls and the rankings showed no love to our Boise State Broncos. After falling out of the rankings for being completely spanked by BYU at home, many thought another win could get them back into the Top 25.  Instead, Boise State was left out and only mentioned by those receiving votes--the Broncos had received the 6th most votes and trailed regional program University of Washington and conference foe University of Nevada.

See what some of the internet was saying about the game, below:

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