Idaho is known for a lot of things, but most often we are praised for our proximity to just about everything. A clean and booming metropolis in Downtown Boise, accessible hills and trails for those that love to hike, and in just a few minutes by car, some of the greatest wilderness refuges and white water river rapids on the globe.

Over the weekend, folks can chalk up one more thing that makes Idaho so special-- access to unreal views of the Northern Lights.

Here's a look at the Northern Lights or 'Aurora Borealis' that have appeared over North Idaho and the Spokane, Washington area in recent years: 

Northern Lights Appear over North Idaho, Washingotn

Shots from their appearance are stunning. Here's a look at the lights appearing over the years!

It's amazing to think that this global phenomena happens right here in Idaho! 

Those images captured over the years are great, but Idahoans and some people that live in Eastern Washington were also able to view the Northern Lights just days ago!

Check out some of the images captured and shared on Twitter, below!



A Spokane, Washington news page on Facebook also shared images that they were able to capture, near Deer Park, Washington--just north of Spokane.





We're low-key very jealous of everyone that had the chance to see this above their backyard--literally.

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