If there's one thing that my friends know about me, it's my love for spicy. If I'm not sweating when I eat something, I'm not really digging it. If you're a spicy lover like me--you know the feeling--ESPECIALLY when you get to a restaurant with your friends and realize you can't order the appetizers EXTRA spicy. There are all different TYPES of spicy out there and while I do love to sweat--I've never been one for the buffalo wing challenges. There's no enjoyment in that kind of "hot" for me.

I'm a Boise native born and raised and I've never made my way to Flying Pie for Habanero season. I plan to change that this year.

That's right, amid everything we are used to being canceled because of COVID-19, nothing was getting between Flying Pie and their Habanero Pizza!

The pie comes in FOUR heat levels. The hottest equivalent to about 20 pounds of jalapeños and even has some Ghost Pepper sauce on top.

Have you ever tried one of these Treasure Valley favorites? For more, click HERE.

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