Take all my money!

...er, don't. I have a wedding I have to make all the final payments for in 9 days and my fiance has informed me that I need to stop spending money on tickets to events, which means I'll probably miss out on this fun event at Zoo Boise this time around. But, hey! When there's only 10 spaces available in this VERY exclusive event, my loss is your gain.

Sure, all the paintings you've created at Paint Nite are great conversation pieces when people seem them proudly displayed in your home or office, but none of them are quite as unique one you have a chance to create on October 17 at Zoo Boise's "Paint with Penguins." During this very special paint night, you'll get to paint your masterpiece...and then watch the penguins walk all over it to add their own personal touch! Like any fun painting evening, you'll get to enjoy wine, cheese and crackers but as a special bonus, one of the zoo keepers will give you a special talk and behind the scenes tour while your work is drying!

The event is a fundraiser for Zoo Boise and space is extremely limited.  Only 10 people will get this cool opportunity! For more and to buy your ticket check out Zoo Boise's tour HERE.

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