This is one event with three terrifying situations going on. A call to police about a prowler has now become an officer-involved shootout turned to a massive house fire that took the life of one woman and sent two more to the hospital.

According to KTVB:

What began as a call about a prowler outside a Meridian home last night near in the 1500 block of West Amity Road turned into an officer-involved shooting and house fire. Investigators said an unknown man was trying to break into a family’s home. When they got to the home, the man was walking out with a rifle in hand. They told the man to drop the gun but he didn’t. Deputies fired an unknown number of shots at the man who ran back into the house. Three family members were inside the home telling police they had locked themselves in a bedroom and they didn’t know the armed suspect or why he was trying to break in. While a negotiation was going on with the gunman, a fire engulfed the home. Fire crews began breaking windows and yelling for the family to get out. Two out of the three made it out safely and taken to the hospital for treatment – one has since been flown to the Salt Lake Burn Center.


Update - 7:49 a.m. 

Amity Road is blocked between Ten Mile and Meridian roads and several streets around the Amity/Linder intersection are shut down as well. The sheriff’s office says investigators are expected to remain at the house through the day. The Critical Incident Task Force will investigate the officer-involved shooting


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