It has been a pretty controversial and heated topic on social media today, as just last night Central District Health released a statement on COVID-19.

As Governor Brad Little shared yesterday, Idaho nearly did not begin Phase 4 of the re-opening plan and many argued just the fact that it was so close of a call, we should have waited a little longer. Now, Central District Health is saying that 10 individuals that were out and about last weekend MAY have exposed YOU to COVID-19 if you were also out last weekend.

So far, I have seen bars, bar owners, and those who decided to go out attacked pretty aggressively on social media. I'm struggling with this because I'm not sure that anyone involved was out on the weekend with intended malice.

I shared with you yesterday that the downtown Boise YMCA closed because a gym member tested positive. I haven't seen the internet attacking gym goers the same way they have bar goers.

How do you feel about Phase 4 and the potential spread of COVID-19 last weekend? Are you ready to go out yet?

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