Idaho has a lot going for it and the secret is out. We've been saying the secret is out for well over a decade or two now--but these days, it's just reality: people aren't just moving to Idaho, they've flocked here.

Everyone has their own reasons, some call themselves "political refugees", others are seeking a place for family life, and some love that just miles away from any city in the state, sits world-famous wilderness.

Did you know that one of America's most isolated, secluded, and remote wilderness areas is right here in Idaho?

Inside One Of America's Most Remote Wilderness Areas

Have you ever visited the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area? It's right in our backyard, here in Idaho, and it just so happens to be about as isolated as one can get. Let's take a look!

Just 4-hours away from the Treasure Valley, this is a MUST VISIT for any Idahoan. 

Imagine being so far removed from "society" all you can hear and be with is nature and the company that you bring. Inside of the Frank Church Wilderness, no motorized vehicles are allowed-- not bikes, not carts, not drones-- and according to the United States Forrest Service, not even hangliders are allowed in the sky to preserve the esthetic of wilderness here!

An online group called 'Project Remote' complies lists of remote destinations based off of a simple criteria: all of which, the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area meets: accessible by hiking only, unmarred by plane trails, and completely obscured from the road.

Of course, many forests might meet that criteria-- but this area of wilderness is special. In fact, the most remote part of this area is a total of 17 miles away from the nearest road!

The challenging hike in will offer views of Idaho like the ones that Lewis and Clark saw so many years ago. We love Idaho!

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