He's been wanted by California authorities for over 20 years. Now, thanks to cooperation with Idaho law enforcement agencies, he's being brought into custody.

One of California's most wanted fugitives has been arrested and charged with sex crimes.

Here's a closer look at the arrest that was made in Idaho after years of investigation:

California Fugitive Arrested in Idaho

His crimes are from 20 years ago

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Can you believe that he was brought into custody all of these years later!? 

Surely, this arrest is a testament to the dedication of California law enforcement officials--this case easily could have 'gone cold'. Of course, cooperation with the United States Marshall's Office and law enforcement officials here in Idaho were necessary to bring in the arrest as well.

49-year-old Eric J Ferguson of Rathdrum, Idaho is now sitting in the Kootenai County Jail awaiting extradition to the State of California. His crimes, listed above, are in connection to a rape case from the year 2002. It should also be noted that Ferguson is also accused of using a deadly weapon to commit the gruesome sex crimes.

At the time of the crime, Ferguson was 29-years-old.

In a press release sent out by Bob Norris, Kootenai County Sheriff, it was stated:

Kootenai County is a safer place because Ferguson is now in jail. A firearm was used in this alleged violent sexual attack and the suspect needs to be held accountable for his actions

We are thankful for the hard working law enforcement agencies that always work to protect the public here in Idaho

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