There are, truly, very few real-life instances that didn't somehow make the cut when it came to the sitcom 'Seinfeld'. In nine seasons, the show addressed some of the most everyday, relatable, and even insane plot lines. Everything from being fired, to trying to get fired; quitting a job and then taking it back; avoiding restaurants because of cleanliness concerns, breaking up with someone because of political beliefs or the shape of the hands. The list could go on.

Nine seasons of 'Seinfeld' rocked sitcoms as we know it and to this day, there are few others that can even attempt to come as close to how timeless the show has been.

The star, Jerry Seinfeld, has long been known in the comedy world as "one of the greats" and aside from 'Seinfeld', he has been a participant in tons of different projects, such as 'The Bee Movie', 'Unfrosted', and even his own series called 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee', in which Jerry interviews other famous comedians and even the President of the United States!

Now--Jerry has announced he's returning to the Treasure Valley and those who love to laugh are going to love to see it.

His latest standup comedy tour will be making a stop at The Morrison Center on Thursday, September 5th!

Tickets go on sale this month--on May 17th at 10:00 a.m.

Most recently, Jerry announced dates in nearby Salt Lake City and both sold out in minutes--he's just that popular!

For more on the show, CLICK HERE.

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