Have you ever just stopped to stare and watch paint dry? It's the long standing joke, right? Nothing is more boring, allegedly, than watching paint dry. Well, I tried this out for myself the other day and I won't lie--I totally got caught up in it. Maybe watching paint dry isn't so bad, after all?

The paint that I watched dry--and technically, be applied, too, is all part of a new mural going up. You can see it in downtown Boise right near the Idaho State Capitol Building on Jefferson Street between 8th Street and 9th Street.

The funds for the mural are coming from the Alexa Rose Foundation, which aims to:

support the work of individual artists in the community. Unlike many traditional grant programs, Alexa Rose awards grants to individuals, not organizations.

The individual behind this new mural is Yulia Avgustinovich, an artist that is from Colorado. She is who designed the mural and has been commissioned to make it happen. Everything in the mural is native to Idaho--so it's local, just like we like it around the Treasure Valley.

As I watched the painting in action last week, I was blown away by how fast it is going up. I frequent Kvell Fitness & Nutrition which is right across the street from the mural and every day, I see this thing get bigger and bigger.

Personally, I love seeing the mural go up. It's colorful and fun yet, I have ALWAYS hated that side of this particular downtown Boise building. While the rest of the structure is, in my opinion, really beautiful-- that back side of the building is so dull. Not anymore!

The mural should be done over 6 to 7 weeks.

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