If you've ever watched even a small amount of RuPaul's Drag Race and thought to yourself "That looks fun, I want to go see that in person," you're in luck.

One of the most popular drag queens of all time is coming to Boise, and we've got the scoop!

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Is Drag in Boise Really That Scandalous?

Here's a look at some drag in Boise--how does this compare to a bikini coffee stand?

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This writer is personally very excited. This drag queen coming to perform live in Boise is one of the funniest, most creative, and most vocal queens to ever hit the runway, and this show is going to be so fun.

Drag superstar Bob The Drag Queen is coming to the Egyptian Theatre on Tuesday, September 24th!

If you're not familiar with Bob, she's absolutely hilarious:


In addition to being a killer drag queen, Bob is also engaged in politics and even oversees a charity that helps members of the LGBT community. She also works with women's shelters! She's truly an amazing queen and a hell of a human.

If you want to check out Bob in person and see what she's all about, you can snatch tickets here.


Maybe drag queens aren't your thing, and that's ok. What you may not know is, some of your all time favorite rock stars have dressed in drag, and may we say, looked amazing doing it!

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