The opioid crisis is here and Ada County is getting on top of it before its out of control. Thursday, January 25 at 6:30 p.m., there will be an Opioid Crisis Series 1 community forum. Ada County Paramedics and the Idaho Department of Correction will be hosting the evening at Ten Mile Christian. You might have heard various political campaigns propose different laws and initiatives to attack this tragic epidemic. That's not just a national story, it's affecting Idahoans too.

I came across some alarming statistics making this epidemic something we should make a priority in our personal lives to educate family members. The leading cause of accidental death is from drugs and 6 of 10 are opioid. 218 Idahoans died in 2015 from overdose and 4 of 5 users began using after being prescribed medication.

In 2016, Idaho was above the national average for opioids dispensed. Why is this alarming? When you get your wisdom teeth pulled or have an operation you might get these medications prescribed to you. If you get addicted some oxycodone might cost you $50 or you can get your hands on heroin which is cheaper at $30. You are more likely to get hooked on heroin if you use prescription opioids.

You can get more information regarding the Ada County Opioid Crisis Series 1 and these statistics I got from Idaho Healthcare Transformation.

Kekeluv Kiss of Kindness: Pay close attention to what your kids are being prescribed and ask questions. Nobody gets addicted because they want to and it needs to be addressed at home. Consult your physician with questions and monitor your kid's doses. 

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