A 26,000 square foot building in Portland, Oregon sits vacant as there are no longer bodies to fill it. With a market value of over $11 million, it will take a special someone to buy this place, which was built in 1929.

What is it?

If you guessed a church, you would be correct.

The church has been vacant for over two years now and even before it was empty, it wasn't really "full".  It's a Mormon church and it is one of the oldest in the entire State of Oregon.  In a recent feature article written in the Willamette Week, the church Bishop said that there just aren't enough Latter-day Saints to fill it any longer.

It seems that lately, "Mormons" have been all of the rage--if you flip on any streaming platform, there is a show about the faith. Everything from the "fundamentalist take" of Warren Jeffs to crimes, like "Abducted in Plain Sight" and "Murder Among The Mormons".  Many who align themselves with the church are rather annoyed that such shows are being cranked out and feel like their intention is to put their faith in bad light. Regardless, the popularity of Mormonism in pop culture these days seems reminiscent of the frequency seen during Mitt Romney's presidential run.

So what's up with the empty church in Portland? Well, the Bishop is blaming Idaho. When asked about the vacant pew seats, the Bishop says:


They’re moving to Utah and Idaho



Political unrest, economic downturn, and and rioting is what many think is driving the faithful out of Oregon--which has traditionally been one of the most Mormon-dense states in the country.

Now, after seeing church members flee--it's up for sale.

Could it be turned into a vacation home like some of these near us?

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Thanks, Idaho.


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