Despite promises from Joe Biden, Idaho gas prices are now at the highest levels ever recorded by AAA. The price per gallon is now $4.48 per gallon, with signs that gas prices will continue to rise.

Use These 2 Brilliant Life Hacks to Save Money on Gas in Boise

Are gas prices holding you back from a road trip you were looking forward too? Use these life hacks to save a few dollars at the pump and get on the road!

Gas prices rose four cents from last week and seven cents from last month, reports AAA Idaho/Oregon release. Idaho's gas price average is higher than the national average, $4.33. The national rate rose 14 cents in one week and 21 cents from last month. The good news for Idaho drivers is that our state is currently ranked 13th in the country for the cost of gas.

It looks like President Biden's plan to lower the price of gasoline has failed. Biden announced that he would release a million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Oil Reserve. The move hasn't solved the problem of higher gasoline costs, which fueled the record inflation rate. Idahoans have continued to see the prices of goods rise as transportation costs are passed on to the consumer.

“Ten states and the District of Columbia are already over the $4.50 mark today, and Utah, the supplier for most of our gasoline products, is right on the verge. It doesn’t bode well for Idaho drivers,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. “With Memorial Day and a busy travel season ahead, fuel demand is likely to push pump prices even higher in the coming weeks.”

Summer translates to vacations, and most of us are hitting the road. Memorial Day is the official kickoff of the summer driving season. The challenge for vacationers this year is that the usual drive down the road will cost almost double what folks paid for the same trip two years ago.

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