Idaho has now felt the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nationally, the average gas price rose by 11 cents; Idaho followed with a 9 cent spike overnight. AAA Idaho has been monitoring the expected rise in gasoline in Idaho.


Boise Gas Guzzlers

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In a release, AAA explained how the price of a barrel of Oil has finally impacted the cost of gas in Idaho. Idaho ranked the 23rd most expensive state for gasoline purchases just days ago. We've become accustomed to being one of the nation's most expensive states for gasoline per gallon.  

"When crude oil was in the $90-per-barrel range, low fuel demand made Idaho one of the last holdouts as gas prices started climbing," says AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde. "But with the price of crude oil now over $110 per barrel and travel demand slowly ramping up, our state is following the awful trend that's taking place nationwide."


The national average price for gasoline rose by 23 cents in less than a week. Idaho's costs have increased by 17 cents since Monday. The last time prices were this high; Barrack Obama was running for reelection (2012). Idaho's gas prices were four dollars a gallon back in 2008.  

The international crisis in Ukraine will continue to impact Idahoans and the rest of the country. The president has refused to consider opening up domestic oil production, which would alleviate our dependence on Foreign Oil. Several politicians and reporters have urged the president to quit buying nearly 500,000 barrels of Russian Oil per day.  

The Administration argues that not buying the Oil from Putin would cause gas prices to reach unprecedented levels. Conservatives counter that reopening domestic production would offset some of the booting Putin's Oil loss.  

Regardless of the outcome in Washington, Idahoans should be sure to fill up their tanks as the sky appears to be the limit for historically high gas prices.  

Here's a look at Idaho gas prices as of 3/4/22 courtesy of AAA:

Boise - $3.80 (was $3.61 on Monday)

Coeur d’Alene - $3.58 (was $3.36 on Monday)

Franklin - $3.59 (was $3.37 on Monday)

Idaho Falls - $3.53 (was $3.41 on Monday)

Lewiston - $3.68 (was $3.40 on Monday)

Pocatello - $3.64 (was $3.49 on Monday) 

Twin Falls - $3.78 (was $3.62 on Monday)

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