If I've said it once, I have said it a thousand times-- Kvell Fitness & Nutrition has changed my life. I'll never claim to be the pillar of health that most people who workout every day do--but what I've learned is that being active just makes me feel better every day--what a concept right? Not only that, but the formula at Kvell has NEVER left me injured or feeling like I can't get a great workout in. It "hurts so good", if you will.

My passion for what Brett Denton and his team at Kvell Fitness & Nutrition do is why I wanted YOU to be a part of a 6-week challenge. We're just a few weeks into the challenge right now--it's Team Mikey versus Team Mateo and the thing that I love MOST is that everyone seems to be really enjoying things so far.

I jumped into our challenge group on Facebook to ask everyone how things are going so far and I was really happy to see some really great feedback.

Holli said:

This fitness challenge has been a game changer for me. The daily posts on the Kvell app and "shot in the arm" emails have been really helpful and definitely push me to do more or think differently. It would be helpful to see where I can do the workouts from home on days I can't make it to the gym. One major dislike of the challenge, is that it is only 6 weeks long. : )

Nish said:

I was sick on Monday & Tuesday (lowkey thought the Rona got me .. but I’m good lol) & just skipped Wednesday & Thursday cuz ima dummy  gonna go hard this week I promise lol.
I have to say, the morning instructor is amazing. He’s probably tired of having to correct my form  but it’s SO helpful  & it’s crazy what a great workout you can get in, in such a short amount of time every day!
Interested in seeing what Kvell Fitness can do for you? Click HERE.

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