These days, it seems like the internet just can't get enough of Boise. While at times it's a silly comment from a politician that gives our state some fame--other times, it's a little viral fun that people can't help but love.

We're happy to report that this video, with over 1 MILLION views on TikTok, is a light-hearted fan favorite. Don't even get us started on these skills...

Before we get to the video, let's break down the tape...

Boise TikTok Viewed Over 1Million Times

You're downtown Boise with your friends on a weekend night--what do you have planed? You'll spend some time on 6th & Main, get some "prizes" from Rocci Johnson, and probably end up making a visit to downtown Boise's home of the iconic LED "pole" that is always the center of attention at Club Karma. Located on 8th & Idaho, Karma is known for its good vibes, fish bowls, energetic dance floor, and...the LED "pole". It didn't take long for this pole to make the rounds on the internet and now we can see why--with over 1 million views, one user really gained this famous pole some fame.

Want to see the full video for yourself? Check this out: 


@gravityinmotion Just out here vibing and… Wait for it! 👻 #polefitness #malepoledancer #SnowballFightAgainstHunger ♬ Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) - David Guetta

By the way, this isn't the only time that we have seen Boise go viral. Shall we take a little walk down memory lane? 

Brawl at Fresno State Goes Viral

Fans in Fresno were in a sour mood on Saturday evening. Boise State was in town to take on the Bulldogs and we aren't sure what caused this brawl but the stands were far from calm during all of this!

Update: Where is Idaho’s Viral Cranberry Juice Guy Now?

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