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As a parent, unfortunately I feel the need to share this information with you. This new challenge is dangerous and everyone should know about it for several reasons.

There is a new challenge catching online called, "The Outlet Challenge." I hesitate to tell you but it's important to know about it so you can educate your kids. Plus, you don't want your place to catch on fire.

It seems that kids are taking a penny, an iPhone charger and turning an outlet into a fireworks show. I can see how this might be tempting because we all have a penny and an iPhone charger. All of that said you should watch the video so you can educate yourself on it and make sure you can at least block those outlets.

I guess you stick an iPhone charger in an outlet where it's barely touching, drop a penny in behind and boom. I've been arguing with our engineer who doesn't think it will do much but then I offered to do it in his office and he didn't think it was a good idea anymore. You can decide for yourself and keep this one on your radar as it gains traction.

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