We all know that antiquated phrase "kids these days"--right? Here's an update on what the kids these days are up to, allegedly!

In a recent national news report from the University of Massachusetts Amherst--a viral TikTok party trend has been a real problem on campus. Students are drinking from 'borgs'--otherise known as 'Blackout Rage Gallons' and they contain a mixture of water, hard alcohol and electrolyte supplements.

We did some digging through TikTok and found plenty of 'Borg' videos--one guy even shows you how to make them.

Now let's take a look at this viral trend that has parents and officials worried about:

This TikTok Trend Has Idaho Schools & Parents Worried

Have you ever heard of this party trend?

Would you ever try something like this? It might be dangerous!

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a total of 28 ambulances were called to off-campus parties over the last weekend and officials are attributing this to the 'Borg' trend--where many students joke that after finishing one, they remember nothing about the night the next day.

Here's a look at a Borg video from TikTok, below:



@icarlyfromcollege Welcome to borg olympics #fyp #college #borg #drinkinggamesss #getfit #mashup #chipsgottalent ♬ im shmacked - jack foley


@timthetankofficial How To Make BORG (Black Out Rage Gallon) #fyp #borges #mio #vodka #lifehack #drink #college #party ♬ original sound - timthetankofficial




In a significantly less dangerous fashion, another drink, labeled 'dirty', has taken Idaho TikTok by storm--check this one out: 

The 'Dirty' TikTok Trend Taking Idaho By Storm

Why is the internet blaming Mormons in Utah and Idaho for this popular TikTok trend? Well, there's a lot of talk about here and it really goes back to the rules around caffeine. If you aren't familiar, for years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints banned the consumption of caffeine. As a condition of church membership, nearly all addictive substances are prohibited and in Utah and Idaho where the Mormon faith is in the majority, it's just a well-known fact.

Now, in Idaho and in Utah, a "Dirty" trend has been put on display for all to see via TikTok and it doesn't matter where these people live or what they do or do not believe in...it's catching on because allegedly, it's TASTY!

Have you ever had a drink of 'Dirty Soda'? What a concept. Here's a look at a Boise TikTok with well over 1 million views!

Boise TikTok Viewed Over 1Million Times

You're downtown Boise with your friends on a weekend night--what do you have planed? You'll spend some time on 6th & Main, get some "prizes" from Rocci Johnson, and probably end up making a visit to downtown Boise's home of the iconic LED "pole" that is always the center of attention at Club Karma. Located on 8th & Idaho, Karma is known for its good vibes, fish bowls, energetic dance floor, and...the LED "pole". It didn't take long for this pole to make the rounds on the internet and now we can see why--with over 1 million views, one user really gained this famous pole some fame.

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